Benjamin Franklin Hotel

Kinghorn Commercial Properties does not serve as the property manager for this building. You will find below opinions and basic information on the building which we have compiled from public sources deemed reliable.


  • The Benjamin Franklin Hotel was constructed in 1926 for $250,000.  The owner, A.C. Franklin, billed it as a country resort for vacationing San Franciscans.
  • The Hotel was at one time owned by United Airlines to mostly house the Company’s stewardesses and pilots.
  • Recently venture capitalist Tim Draper purchased the vacant property in an auction.


  • As of February 2012 Mr. Draper plans to renovate the Hotel and open Draper University which will become a school for young entrepreneurs.  “We want to build one of the greatest entrepreneurial schools in the world and recruit the greatest minds,” Draper said.
  • Draper also plans to open up the top floor to the public so all can enjoy the sweeping views.  The penthouse on the top floor will be open to the public and will likely be a “skybar” with sweeping views of the Bay, he said.
  • The lead architect on the project is Tim Murphy Design Associates in San Francisco.

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