GIS is a powerful system for storing, editing, analyzing and visualizing data on top of a single map.  In Commercial Real Estate GIS is frequently used to overlay a wide variety of geographically referenced datasets to create visual representations of the data which “tell a story” about a specific real estate location or locations.  When the data layers are presented on a map it can reveal geographic relationships and trends that may not have been previously visible.  The options with GIS are infinite as you are only limited by the data available for input and your imagination.

By inputting the desired datasets into a single map format you will have a visual representation of the information which can affect the feasibility, desirability or affordability of the particular property or project of interest.

Click Here to View Some Examples of GIS Maps

Here is a list of some of the ways we can use GIS to provide you value:

  • Satellite Imagery
  • View and Analyze Traffic Counts
  • Competitive Location Analysis
  • Demographic Reports (which include population, household income, race & ethnicity and other statistics)
  • Housing Reports (statistics on # of Owners vs Renters, Avg Housing Cost, Persons Per Household, Future Housing Demand…)
  • Community Summary Report
  • Community Education Report
  • Consumer Spending and Disposable Income Profiles
  • Specific Retail Industry Market Potential Reports
  • Household Budget Expenditures
  • Medical Expenditures
  • Population Growth
  • Recreational Expenditures
  • Restaurant Market Potential
  • Retail Marketplace Forecast
  • Senior Housing Analysis
  • Multi-Family Housing Analysis
  • Self Storage Demand Analysis
  • Customer Location Analysis
  • Sales by Area Analysis
  • Customer Drive Time Analysis
  • Areas of Influence
  • Density Grid and Heat Mapping
  • Employee Drive Time Analysis
  • Trade Area and Site Selection
  • Market Trends and Characteristics (Price Per Sqft, Vacancy Rates)
  • Public Transportation Routes
  • 2D, 3D and Street Mapping
  • City or County Zoning District Maps
  • Redevelopment Districts
  • Parcel and Ownership Overlays
  • Creation of Sales Districts and Territories